It isn't inequality in the book(the maze runner) only boys were sent to the place and eventually one girl the last one sent.... I'm not trying to be rude but you could at least look this stuff up before you make it seem like inequality people like you think you're soooo oppressed in Hollywood and you're really not you just roster female roles never happen
- Anonymous

Wow we are on a role with angry anons today.

I am fully aware that only boys are sent to the place whatever it is and that only one girl gets sent. That’s my problem with it; that is explicitly why I don’t want to see it and I said so. I get that Hollywood didn’t turn The Maze Runner into an all male extravaganza and that’s not what I meant to imply when I wrote my tags about Hollywood’s really fucking blatant problems, which I could literally write you a dissertation on but your last sentence makes me fully aware that that would be colossal waste of time as would taking this conversation any further.

So, though I could explain my feelings in depth to you and even cite my fucking sources, the long and short of it is my blog, my feelings. The unfollow button is towards the top right hand side of your screen, my friend, you don’t have to stay.


i want to see the maze runner because i want to see how good dylan o’brien really is

but i don’t want to see the maze runner because oh man so many boys and only one lady

p le ase go d i need jeff davis to get on bi!scott immediately it’s so important i cant even form coherent thoughts about it IT’S JUST S O IMPORTANT

same oh my god a bisexual protag a bisexual hero please

I would suggest tagging in the anti (ship) or lol (ship) but people still get called out there (I’ve looked). This is why I can’t be in fandoms. I’m not about that anon-hate life.

yeah i’d rather not put it in any tags at all, although i could put it in those if i wanted to. my only responsibility is to make sure i don’t put it in any tags where people are expecting positivity or, in the least, no hate, and i fulfilled that responsibility. anons can send me hate over it all they want, but they don’t have any grounds to do so; i wasn’t rude and i didn’t put the post anywhere it could hurt anyone except my blog which i have a right to do (since it’s a fandom matter an wasn’t racist, misogynist, etc etc). people only see my untagged posts by choice and can opt out at anytime. i would in fact encourage them to do so if the way i blog upsets them. i want their tumblr experience to be a positive one and if they need to ditch me to do that, then they should, by all means.

LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN THIS POST ugh ohmygod if ppl can believe in the ridiculousness that is sterek we can believe that scott is bi (or otherwise not-straight) holy shiT

and it’d make a goddamn great storyline. it’s actually what i’m desperately hoping happens with stiles since that moment of hesitation he had in answering the “do you [like boys]” question during the blacklight party last season —  i want a journey of self-discovery concerning his sexuality. he doesn’t have to know that he’s bi (or, again, otherwise not-straight) for him to be bi he can figure that out over time. same thing can happen with scott. although i feel like scott would have a lot less journey i do honest to god think scott could stand a little closer than usual to isaac or stiles (or or or) one day and be like “yo i like this all right”



New Protest MVP Candidate! Get it girl! #staywoke #farfromover #thefutureisbright


hellhoundhavoc replied to your post “Scott’s pretty much the only character who has declared his sexuality (straight, btw) and some people find him boring as hell. Just because you think he has chemistry with everyone doesn’t mean other people see that. Get this shit out of the tags.”

I knew this was coming when you mentioned Sterek. ALSO, SHOW’S ABOUT SCOTT MCCALL, IS GOOD IN TEEN WOLF TAG. Though maybe they’re referring to tumblr’s stupid ‘search’ shit, where it might have popped up in /search/sterek ?


still not my fault though, still have a right to voice my opinion on my blog (and it wasn’t even mean? it was just confused? whatever), still don’t give a SHIT what you say anon everything about your argument is invalid


biniall replied to your post “biniall replied to your post:Scott’s pretty much the only character…”

i love how liking girls = 100% straight. good one fandom. and posey has vocally expressed support for sciles and scisaac before sooo…………

right? and, also like, there’s literally no reason in the world a 100% previously straight (or believed to be straight) scott couldn’t wake up one day and go “you know what? i think i like boys too” or any other gender i mean pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

and anyway, it doesn’t eVEN MATTER that’s what i can’t get over i don’t care if scott declares himself straight six ways to sunday i am allowed to go participate in fannish activities wherein he’s not it’s just a fucking au goddamn. i mean there’s a point in fandom where doing that can get Highly Obnoxious — declaring scott and danny to be the TRUE canonical love story of the show would be a bit much for example — but yooooo sterek is already there


i have no idea how anybody finds scott boring tara but whatever live your life

and as far as scott’s sexuality he did tell coach that he liked girls in like early season 2 maybe? or, no, it was season 1 but anyway the point of fandom has NEVER been what a character’s declared sexuality is so??? and also sexuality is fluid as fuck and can be a process of discovery this i know firsthand